The Power of a Third Party
Our services are many, but our goal is singular: saving you money. If you are interested in money savings with the help of a third party. Sherwood Forest is the best place to be. Our role in contract negotiations can shift depending on your preference or that of your vendor. We can lead, guide or train you in saving the most from your contracts. This kind of flexibility combined with our array of services means saving money just got easy.

Areas of Expertise

The following areas represent a high-level view of the kinds of services, professional fees and contracts we consistently evaluate and improve for our clients. As a result, found money is made accessible but your operations don’t change.
Wireless & Telecom
All carriers, domestic and international, MPLS, VPN, wireless, voice, and etc.
Small parcel, LTL, ocean container, post audit, and etc.
Application software acquisition, cloud computing, offshore, mobile, security, and etc.
Credit Card Processing /e-Payment Commerce
Processor and Interchange fees, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AmEx, mobile pay, debit, and etc.
Treasury Bank Fees
Specialty Federal and State Tax Opportunities
Sales & use tax incentives, strategic location of purchasing companies (P-Cos), energy efficiency deductions, and employment hiring credits.
Waste & Recycling Contracts
Insurance (Both Healthcare and Business Insurance)
Marketing - Print, Packaging, Digital Marketing, Trade Show
Accounts Payable Audits
Flexible Roles

Flexible Roles

Based on your preferences and the position your vendors’ take, Sherwood Forest approaches negotiations in three ways:

  1. Lead negotiators where we’re at the table representing you to your vendors.
  2. Team negotiators that have us join you at the table and work alongside you during negotiations.
  3. Educator negotiators in which we advise you on how you can approach vendor negotiating for the best possible outcomes.
Unique Expertise

Unique Expertise

Sherwood Forest negotiates hundreds of contracts each year for clients nationwide. Since we have an insider’s view of the current market landscape we bring a unique expertise to our clients. Knowing the contract terms from different sales regions of your vendor is a huge benefit when it comes to negotiations. We bring powerful strategies that combine our collective industry knowledge and decades of success for world-class results.

Operational Consistency

Operational Consistency

When you work with Sherwood Forest you will not have to switch vendors unless you want to, your operations will continue without disruption and there will be no change in your current processes. The only change we guarantee is a change in the amount of money you save. You’ll see lower costs and a more profitable bottom line thanks to the revenue streams we often uncover.

Performance-based Fee

Performance-based Fee

After helping a client negotiate we then review billing with the newly negotiated pricing and provide a savings report showing both a “Before Sherwood” and “After Sherwood” snapshot. When our clients give the green light on the savings we captured, we bill them based on our performance. Constant monitoring allows us to report savings in a client-specific spreadsheet each month during the term of our agreement. 

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