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At Sherwood we’re honored to bring expertise to your already powerful team. As experts we are the face of negotiations with your vendors. As guides we walk beside you every step of a negotiation. As coaches we equip your team to negotiate with integrity.

The Team

We negotiate over 100 contracts every single year with vendors you’re likely working with already. With our 30+ collective years of experience, we evaluate contracts to determine the best pricing, terms and conditions. Sherwood brings the kind of valuable market intelligence you need to realize the biggest revenue streams for your business.

Tim Hanson

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Steve Kowalke

Chief Financial Officer


Mind Shift

Mind Shift partners with businesses to identify detail-rich tasks that are business-critical, but can be difficult to staff.  We recruit, train and employ highly skilled and motivated workers who are able to focus and who remain dedicated to the work.  Mind Shift Specialists are high functioning people on the autism spectrum.

Our Specialists provide work of equal or greater quality than neuro-typical workers.  This neuro-diversity gives clients an advantage in their business by leveraging the unique skills of people with ASD.

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